Opioid Resources for Business

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Begin addressing opioid use in your organization

Source: National Safety Council

Sign-up form for a free toolkit on: 

  • Understanding opioids and their impact the workplace

  • Opioid misuse and opioid use disorder

  • Recognizing signs of impairment

  • Educating employees on the risks of opioid use

  • HR policies and procedures

  • Supporting employees struggling with opioid misuse or opioid use disorder

Opioids and the Workplace: An Employer Toolkit for Supporting Prevention, Treatment and Recovery

Source: Kentuckiana Health Collaborative

A 48-page document on:

  • Opioids in the Workplace

  • Data Analytics

  • Benefit Design

  • Workplace Policies

  • Legal Considerations

  • Resources

Implications  of Opioid Use Disorders for Employers

Source: National Safety Council

Provides tools to understand opioids and how they impact the workplace:

  • Learn about opioid misuse and opioid use disorder

  • Recognize signs of impairment

  • Educate employees on the risks of opioid use

  • Incorporate the right elements into drug-related HR policies and procedures

  • Support employees who are struggling with opioid misuse or opioid use disorder

This free toolkit also includes sample policies, fact sheets, presentations, 5-minute safety talks, posters, white papers, reports, and videos for implementing a workplace program on opioids.

Opioid Toolkit

Source: Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Brief video modules: 

  • The Impact of Opioids in the Workplace

  • Legally-sound Drug-Free Workplace program

  • Creating a Policy that’s Right for YOUR Business Operation and Culture

  • The Why, When & How of Workplace Drug Testing

  • Responding to an Employee’s Harmful use of Drugs

Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit on: 

  • Workplace prevention basics

  • Building a team

  • Assessing your workplace

  • Developing policies

  • Planning and implementing a program

  • Evaluating your program

  • Providing support


  • Federal Laws and Regulations

  • State and Local Laws and Regulations

  • 10 Steps for Avoiding Legal Problems

Sharing Solutions, Businesses Combat the Opioid Crisis/ Resources for Employers

Source: US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Resources, including: 
Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit
Components of a Drug-Free Workplace
Workplace Drug Testing
Opioid Toolkit for Employers
Prescription Drug Employer Kit
Substance Misuse Resources for Employers
Employers Take Steps to Address Opioid Crisis
EAPs and the Opioid Crisis
State-Specific Resources


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