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Opioid Prevention & Treatment Champions

The Opioid Prevention and Treatment Champions Program leverages the influence of employers to deliver stigma-free education on preventing opioid use disorder (OUD) to their employees and to encourage employees with OUD to secure treatment. We also encourage employers to consider re-hiring employees who are in OUD recovery.

Business Meeting

This self-directed initiative starts when a member of our Champions Committee meets with a company’s managers to review the program. When a company signs on, we will train their chosen staff to educate employees on opioids, provide technical assistance, and invite its leadership to attend quarterly meetings of our Champion organizations to discuss their strategies, successes, and challenges … so we learn to stop the opioid epidemic, together.  

For additional information on this free program, please contact us.


  • The Opioid Crisis: What’s Work Got to Do With It?: This presentation makes the case for employers to become Opioid Prevention and Treatment Champions and help their employees achieve and maintain good health.

  • Opioid Resources for Businesses is an extensive listing of documents and videos for workplace managers who are designing policies and programs to help their employees avoid opioid misuse and to secure OUD treatment. It includes a glossary of terms on opioids.

  • Materials from Partners Health Management describe opioids and offer guidance for securing local opioid use disorder treatment.

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