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Vision Statement

To educate the community about opioid abuse and opioid-related deaths and work to eliminate opioid addiction in Gaston County.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gaston Controlled Substances Coalition is to engage professionals, community leaders, and opioid-impacted persons to collaboratively inspire, develop, and conduct stigma-free programs that:

  • Prevent the onset of addiction to controlled substances

  • Assure the adoption of safe opioid prescribing practices

  • Assure the delivery of comprehensive drug treatment and mental health services for persons in need


Guiding Principles


by actively seeking the opinions, suggestions, and criticisms of professional and community stakeholders on our work with the opioid crisis.


by helping employers, courts, and other organizations adopt policies and programs that support recovery and help people with Opioid Use Disorder achieve wellbeing.


by investing our resources in programs and activities to generate strong and lasting results.


by working with community and professional stakeholders we develop and encourage others to establish well-designed opioid prevention programs and help people secure drug treatment.


by honoring the humanity of persons affected by Opioid Use Disorder and helping dismantle the stigma that surrounds this issue.


by compassionately helping affected persons and their families understand the many facets of Opioid Use Disorder and its treatment.


by holding Coalition members and organizations responsible for high-quality programming, full engagement, and follow-up. 


The goals of Gaston Controlled Substances Coalition are to:

  • Prevent Opioid Use Disorder through responsible prescribing

  • Provide education to empower parents, teachers, businesses, houses of worship, and civic organizations to educate loved ones, students, employees, and members about opioid addiction prevention and treatment

  • Help affected persons secure the treatment and support they need to sustain long-term recovery.

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